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The viewerToolTipOpening(e, args) Event of the HTML5 Report Viewer

The event occurs before a tooltip is opened, providing the ability to cancel its opening.


Parameter Description
e This is the jQuery.Event object and is respectively jQuery's is the report viewer that raised the event.
args An object with the following properties:
  • element - the DOM element that caused the tooltip opening.
  • toolTip - the current toolTip instance. Consists of title and text fields.
  • cancel - a flag that determines if the further processing of the action should be canceled or not.
// $(handler) is jQuery's shorthand for $(document).ready(handler)
$(function () {
        serviceUrl: "api/reports/",
        reportSource: {
            report: "Telerik.Reporting.Examples.CSharp.ProductSales, CSharp.ReportLibrary"
        viewerToolTipOpening: function(e, args)
            //disable a tooltip that contains '2004' in its title
            args.cancel = (/2004/i.test(args.toolTip.title));

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