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The parameter of the HTML5 Report Viewer

Parameter Type Description
availableValues array of name-value pairs ({name: …, value: ….}) represents a list of predefined parameter values and their labels
multivalue boolean specifies whether the parameter can hold more than one value
allowBlank boolean specifies whether the parameter allows an empty string to be passed. Only for parameters of type string
allowNull boolean specifies whether the parameter allows a value to be passed from its editor
autoRefresh boolean specifies whether the report viewer should auto-update the report when its value has changed
hasChildParameters boolean specifies whether the parameter is a cascading one (has dependencies)
id boolean represents parameter’s unique identifier
isVisible boolean determines whether the parameter editor is visible or not
label string specifies the label for the parameter editor
name string specifies the name of the parameter editor
text string specifies the text for the parameter editor
type telerikReportViewer.ParameterTypes specifies the type of the parameter
value object specifies the value of the parameter

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