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Report Book Paging

Report Book Paging

Reports are displayed in the order they were added to the report book, each report starting on a new page. The way pages are counted (the evaluation of the 'PageNumber' global object) may be different in the context of a report book compared to counting pages in a single report. The Report class has a property of type PageNumberingStyle that will let you control the behavior of page counting in the context of a report book.

The PageNumberingStyle property has meaning and effect only when the report is part of a report book.

The PageNumberingStyle enumeration has three values with self-explanatory names. "ResetNumbering" resets page numbering while page count aggregation continues, ResetNumberingAndCount resets both page numbering and page count and "Continue" indicates that both page numbering and page count aggregations continue from where the previous report in the book has left off. The default value of this property is "Continue". Below is a small example of how to use the PageNumberingStyle assuming that each of the three reports has a total of two pages:

The value of the TextBox in the PageHeader is equal to = "Page: " + PageNumber + " of " + PageCount


Continued Paging


Resetting the PageNumber


Resetting PageNumber and PageCount

Multiple PageNumberingStyles and Reports order

When working with the PageNumberingStyle property, if the Reports have different values set for that property, the order of reports will matter for the values of the PageNumber and PageCount objects.

For example, if there is a Report Book of two reports - Report1.trdp that uses PageNumberingStyle.ResetNumberingAndCount and Report2 that uses PageNumberingStyle.Continue, and the order of the reports is the following:

  • Report1.trdp - 5 total pages
  • Report2.trdp - 1 total page

In such a case, when the total page count is being counted and the reporting engine goes to the second report, since it uses PageNumberingStyle.Continue, the total PageCount will be added to that of the Report1.trdp report and if it has a total of 5 pages, and Report2.trdp is one page, the PageCount object will return 6 for both reports(only when rendered in the context of a Report Book).

On the other hand, if the order of the two reports is switched and now Report2.trdp is first, since the next report(Report1.trdp) uses PageNumberingStyle.ResetNumberingAndCount, when the counting gets to it the PageCount will be restarted and it will now return the total page count of 5.

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