Progress® Telerik® Reporting R3 2021

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We provide a mechanism for caching the report definition properties that boosts the performance. Naturally it prevents modifying the report during processing stage. The default value of the property is True.

General Information

Basically, the Report Events are not intended to be used to modify the report definition, as explained in the Understanding Events article. For that reason, in R3 2016 for performance reasons, we introduced a change- cacheDefinitionProperties which caches the report definition properties, so such modifications are not respected. Setting the cacheDefinitionProperties to false will skip the definition item properties caching, which will allow the report definition to be changed in the report events. This may result in parformance penalty though.


Changing the the value of the cacheDefinitionProperties can be done in the application's configuration file:

XML-based configuration file:

    <processing cacheDefinitionProperties="false" />

JSON-based configuration file:

"telerikReporting": {
    "processing": [
        "cacheDefinitionProperties": "false"
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