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Downloading All Reports Stored on Report Server


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This article explains how to download all report definitions that are stored on the Report Server with the Report Server API.


In our GitHub repository, you can find a Console application that downloads all TRDP/TRDX reports that are stored on the Report Server. Below are the required steps for building the application:

  • Add the following references:
    • Telerik.Reporting;
    • Telerik.ReportServer.HttpClient;
    • Telerik.ReportServer.Services.Models.
  • Create a setting for the Report Server connection;
var settings = new Telerik.ReportServer.HttpClient.Settings()
                BaseAddress = "http://localhost:83/"
  • Get all categories in the Report Server and for each of them get the reports:
using (var rsClient = new ReportServerClient(settings))
                rsClient.Login("username", "password");
                var categories = rsClient.GetCategories();
                foreach (var category in categories)
                    var reportInfos = rsClient.GetReportInfosInCategory(category.Id);
                    foreach (var reportInfo in reportInfos)
                        var reportId = reportInfo.Id;
                        var reportDefinition = rsClient.GetLatestReportRevision(reportId);
                        SaveReportDefintion(reportDefinition, reportInfo.Name);
  • Finally, save the report definitions:
private static void SaveReportDefintion(Telerik.ReportServer.Services.Models.ReportRevisionContent reportDefinition, string name)
            var extension =reportDefinition;
            string path = "filepath" + name;
            File.WriteAllBytes(path + reportDefinition.Extension, reportDefinition.Content);
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