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Prevent Adding Custom Values

The following example demonstrates how to prevent adding custom values to a Kendo UI ComboBox.

  <div id="example">
    <div class="demo-section k-header">
      <input id="products" style="width: 400px" />
      $(document).ready(function() {
          placeholder: "Select product",
          dataTextField: "ProductName",
          dataValueField: "ProductID",
          filter: "contains",
          autoBind: false,
          minLength: 3,
          dataSource: {
            type: "odata",
            serverFiltering: true,
            transport: {
              read: {
                url: "",
          change: function(e) {
            var widget = e.sender;

            if (widget.value() && === -1) {
              //custom has been selected
              widget.value(""); //reset widget

    <style scoped>
      .demo-section {
        width: 400px;

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