DPL Processing

The Kendo UI PDFViewer widget can be configured to use Telerik Document Processing library for PDF processing.


DPL Processing is BETA version and has the following limitations:

  • Clipping elements and Gradients are currently not supported.
  • SVG or encoded images in other formats might not render correctly.

Basic Configuration


  • DPL Processing depends on the Telerik.Web.PDF assembly.
  • To use DPL Processing in a project, it must target 4.6.2 .NET Framework.
  • The read.url option is mandatory, the open and download options are mandatory if the respective tools are displayed in the toolbar.

An example of a PDFViewer widget configured to use DPL Processing.

<div id="pdfviewer"></div>
        dplProcessing: {
            read: {
                url: ""
            download: {
                url: ""
            upload: {
                url: ""
        toolbar: {
            items: [
                "pager", "spacer", "open", "download"

See Also

For runnable examples on Kendo UI PDFViewer, refer to the Kendo UI Demos site.

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