Using Fiddler Everywhere proxy alongside NordVPN


Product Version
Fiddler Everywhere 1.0.0 and above
NordVPN 6.x.x and above


Can I use NordVPN alongside Fiddler Everywhere, and what configuration settings should I consider?


You can use the NordVPN and Fiddler Everywhere applications simultaneously, benefiting from all that virtual private networks offer, including testing and investigating possible network, page, and server issues from different world regions. Follow these steps to test your configuration:

  • Start the Fiddler Everywhere application.

  • Toggle ON the System Proxy switch to start network capturing.

  • Start the NordVPN application.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced and ensure that Invisibility on LAN is turned on. This will allow you to see and capture traffic from other devices on the local network.

    Invisibility mode OFF

  • Connect to a selected VPN. At some point, NordVPN will detect and warn you about the existence of the Fiddler Root Certificate. Confirm that you recognize the certificate by using the Trust option.

    Providing complete trust for the Fiddler CA