No Internet after closing Fiddler Everywhere


Product Version 1.0.0 and above
Operating System macOS, Windows, Linux


By design, when you close the Fiddler Everywhere application, it restores the default operating system proxy settings. However, on rare occasions, the application might end unexpectedly due to various reasons (software crash, OS interruption, hardware failure, etc.). If this happens, Fiddler may fail to restore the default proxy settings and you may loose Internet connectivity.

This article explains how to identify and remove leaked proxy settings so you can restore lost Internet connectivity after Fiddler Everywhere stops unexpectedly.

Windows Solution

To check for a leaked proxy and restore the Internet connectivity on Windows 10:

  1. In Fiddler Everywhere, disable the Live Traffic capturing, and then close the application.
  2. Open the Windows 10 Proxy settings (type Proxy settings in the Start menu).
  3. Go to Manual proxy setup and verify that the Fiddler proxy IP and Port are removed. By default, when your system is not using other proxies, the Use a proxy server should be turned off with both Address and Port fields emptied.

macOS Solution

To check & remove leaked proxy and restore the Internet connectivity on macOS, follow these steps:

  • Disable the Live Traffic capturing and exit the Fiddler Everywhere application.
  • In macOS, go to System Preferences > Network and select the active Internet adapter.
  • Go to Advanced... > Proxies.
  • Verify that the Fiddler proxy is not set for Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS). If the Fiddler proxy is present, remove the IP and Port, uncheck both options (or restore your default proxy settings), and click Apply to apply the changes.
  • Click OK to confirm the changes.

Ubuntu Solution

  1. In Fiddler Everywhere, disable the Live Traffic capturing and close the application.
  2. In Ubuntu, go to Settings > Network.
  3. Verify that the Network Proxy option is set to Off (or to your default proxy settings). If the Fiddler proxy is still present in the Manual proxy, remove it and disable the network proxy.
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