Resetting Fiddler Everywhere Settings to Default


Product Version 3.0.0 and above


When I troubleshoot common issues, I need to reset the Fiddler Everywhere settings to their default values to facilitate the process. How can I do this?


The following screenshots represent the default Fiddler Everywhere settings.

  • Default HTTPS settings—Resets Fiddler Everywhere to its initial state, which means the secure traffic won't be captured until Capture HTTPS is checked.

    default https settings

  • Default Connection settings—Acts as a system proxy on application startup. Remote connections and HTTP/2 support are disabled.

    default Connection settings

  • Default Gateway settings—Use system proxy

    default Gateway settings

  • Default Live Traffic settings—Keep all sessions in the list

    default Gateway settings

  • Default Privacy settings

    default Privacy settings

  • Default Composer settings—Follows HTTP 3xx responses as redirects when executing requests from the Composer.

    default Composer settings

  • Default Browsers settings—Fiddler Everywhere tries to detect the default path to the Google Chrome installation folder (to be used with the Open Browser functionality)

    default Browsers settings

  • Default Theme settings—Default Light theme loads as the initial UI theme.

    default Theme settings