WebSocket Capturing with macOS Safari


Product Fiddler Everywhere
Version 5.2.0 and above
Tags WebSockets capture Safari


WebSockets are not captured from Mac Safari when a proxy tool is used. What causes the issue, and how can it be solved?

The issue is caused by a reported bug in the Apple implementation of WebSockets in Safari, where the WebSocket traffic is never going through an HTTP(S) proxy even for scenarios where the proxy is explicitly set.


While the issue will resurface when any HTTPS proxy tool is used, Fiddler Everywhere solves it through its Network Capturing mode. This mode works on a lower level (than an HTTP proxy) and thus automatically captures the WebSocket traffic that goes through the active network adapter.

Learn more on how to enable and use the Network Capturing mode here...

With the Network Capturing mode turned on, Fiddler Everywhere automatically captures all WebSocket traffic including one coming from the macOS Safari browser.

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