Listening for changes

RadTabView Beta will notify its TabViewChangeListener objects before and after a tab selection occurs. Also the listeners will be asked for a tab's content view if it does not have one.

Here is an example implementation of the selection notifications:

public boolean onSelectingTab(Tab tabToSelect) {
    // Cancel selection of the middle tab.
    return tabToSelect == this.tabView.getTabs().get(1);

public void onTabSelected(Tab selectedTab, Tab deselectedTab) {
    if(deselectedTab != null) {
        Log.d("TabView deselected: ", deselectedTab.getTitle());
    Log.d("TabView selected: ", selectedTab.getTitle());

Content view callback example:

public View getContentViewForTab(Tab tab) {
    TextView contentView = new TextView(this.getContext());
    contentView.setText(tab.getTitle() + " content view");

    return contentView;
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