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ChartView for Xamarin.Android: Multiple Axes

RadCartesianChartView can visualize multiple axes simultaneously. You can add vertical and horizontal axes per chart basis and per series basis. This means that if you have two series in one chart instance, you can use different horizontal and vertical axes for each series. Depending on the requirements, the axes can be plot independently, or relatively to each other.


The image below illustrates a scenario in which we have two series - LineSeries and BarSeries. The LineSeries will use a DateTimeCategoricalAxis positioned on the Top and a LinearAxis on the Left. The BarSeries will use a CategoricalAxis positioned at the Bottom and another LinearAxis positioned on the Right:


In order to achieve this, you need to create two series and set their own axes. You also need to set their location. In this case you don't need to set axes to the whole chart. You can read from the Getting Started page how to define the MonthResult type and declare the initData() and initCalendarData() methods. Then you can add the following code to your Activity:


RadCartesianChartView chartView = new RadCartesianChartView(this);

BarSeries barSeries = new BarSeries();
barSeries.CategoryBinding = new MonthResultDataBinding ("Month");
barSeries.ValueBinding = new MonthResultDataBinding ("Result");
barSeries.Data = (Java.Lang.IIterable)this.monthResults;

LineSeries lineSeries = new LineSeries();
lineSeries.CategoryBinding = new ExtendedMonthResultDataBinding ("Date");
lineSeries.ValueBinding = new ExtendedMonthResultDataBinding ("Result");
lineSeries.Data = (Java.Lang.IIterable)this.extendedMonthResults;

CategoricalAxis horizontalAxisBar = new CategoricalAxis();
horizontalAxisBar.VerticalLocation = AxisVerticalLocation.Bottom;
barSeries.HorizontalAxis = horizontalAxisBar;

LinearAxis verticalAxisBar = new LinearAxis();
verticalAxisBar.HorizontalLocation = AxisHorizontalLocation.Right;
barSeries.VerticalAxis = verticalAxisBar;

DateTimeCategoricalAxis horizontalAxisLine = new DateTimeCategoricalAxis();
horizontalAxisLine.DateTimeComponent = DateTimeComponent.Day;
horizontalAxisLine.DateTimeFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("dd-MM");
horizontalAxisLine.VerticalLocation = AxisVerticalLocation.Top;
lineSeries.HorizontalAxis = horizontalAxisLine;

LinearAxis verticalAxisLine = new LinearAxis();
verticalAxisLine.HorizontalLocation = AxisHorizontalLocation.Left;
lineSeries.VerticalAxis = verticalAxisLine;

ViewGroup rootView = (ViewGroup)FindViewById(Resource.Id.container);
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