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Add icons and text inside Button for Xamarin


Product Version 2021.1.224.1
Product DataForm for Xamarin Cross-Platform


This article will show you how to add text and icon inside the button.


  1. Based on the Xamarin.Forms Button.ContentLayout porperty documentation -> the property allows us to control the position of the button image and the spacing between the button's image and the button's text.

  2. We will use this porperty to position the text and the icon inside the Button.

  3. But how we can add both text and icon inside the button. There is a solution. We will use the FontImageSource.

  4. For the example we will use the Telerik RadButton control. The control inherits from Xamarin.Forms Button control.


We will add icon using the Telerik Font icons

  1. Include telerikfontexamples.ttf file into your application in the following locations:

    • Android project: Create Fonts folder inside the Android Assets and add the .ttf file there.

    • iOS project: Create Fonts folder inside the iOS Resources and add the .ttf file there.

    • UWP project: Create Fonts folder inside the UWP Assets and add the .ttf file there.

  2. Register the icon and the font inside the App.xaml file

<x:String x:Key="InfoIconText">&#xE815;</x:String>

<OnPlatform x:Key="IconsFont" x:TypeArguments="x:String">
    <On Platform="iOS">telerikfontexamples</On>
    <On Platform="Android">Fonts/telerikfontexamples.ttf#telerikfontexamples</On>
    <On Platform="UWP">/Assets/Fonts/telerikfontexamples.ttf#telerikfontexamples</On>

Add Telerik Button and FontImageSource to the Button

<telerikInput:RadButton Text="My Button" 
        <FontImageSource Glyph="{StaticResource InfoIconText}"
                         FontFamily="{StaticResource IconsFont}"/>

add the following namespace:

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