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Templated Picker from Beta to Official

With R2 2020 Official Release of Telerik UI for Xamarin, the RadTemplatedPicker control is now official. The following article describes the changes made in the Templated Picker in its official version.

API changes

Placeholder Label Text

Beta Official
Pick a value Select Value

Localization keys

The following table contains the names of the localzation keys which were changed in the official version of the control:

Beta Official
Pickers_Placeholder TemplatedPicker_PlaceholderLabelText
Pickers_Popup_AcceptButtonText Picker_Popup_AcceptButtonText
Pickers_Popup_RejectButtonText Picker_Popup_CancelButtonText

Visual changes

Border below the Templated Picker text

  • BorderThickness(Xamarin.Forms.Thickness): Specifies the border thickness of the picker. Default value is new Thickness(0,0,0,1).

With the official version of the control IsHeaderVisible and IsFooterVisible porperties have a public setter.

By default the header of the TemplatedPicker Popup is visible. In order to hide the header you need to set IsHeaderVisible property to False. The default value of HeaderLabelText is Select Value. By default the footer of the TemplatedPicker Popup is visible. In order to hide the footer you need to set IsFooterVisible to False.

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