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SignaturePad provides means for customizing the appearance of the plot area as well as the signature itself. You can modify the signature stroke color and thickness.

Here is a list of the configuration properties you can apply on the SignaturePad:

  • StrokeColor: Sets the color of the signature stroke;
  • StrokeThickness: Defines the width of the stroke;
  • BorderColor: Defines the color of the border around the plot area;
  • BorderThickness: Sets the width of the border around the plot area;
  • CornerRadius: Applies a corner radius of the border around the plot area;
  • BackgroundColor: Defines the background of the plot area;

Check below a quick example on how the listed properties can be applied to a RadSignaturePad instance:

<telerikInput:RadSignaturePad BorderThickness="1" 

And here is the result:

SignaturePad Configuration

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