Editors Styling

The RadDataForm editors appearance can be customized with the EditorStyle property of type DataFormEditorStyle. The DataFormEditorStyle exposes the following properties:

  • Height (double): Sets the height of the editors.
  • Background (Background): Sets the background of the editors.
  • HeaderForeground (Color): Sets the foreground of the editors header.
  • HeaderFontSize (double): Sets the font size of the editors header.
  • FeedbackFontSize (double): Sets the font size of the feedback message.
  • FeedbackImageSize (Size): Sets the size of the feedback image.
  • PositiveFeedbackForeground (Color): Sets the foreground for the positive feedback message.
  • NegativeFeedbackForeground (Color): Sets the foreground for the negative feedback message.
  • PositiveFeedbackBackground (Background): Sets the background for positive feedback.
  • NegativeFeedbackBackground (Background): Sets the background for negative feedback.
  • PositiveFeedbackImage (ImageSource): Sets the image for the positive feedback.
  • NegativeFeedbackImage (ImageSource): Sets the image for the negative feedback.


var negative = "FF004C";

var style = new DataFormEditorStyle
    Background = new Background
        Fill = Color.FromHex("90C9E9"),
        StrokeColor = Color.FromHex("B2DFF4"),
        StrokeWidth = 2,
        StrokeLocation = Location.Bottom
    HeaderFontSize = 17,
    HeaderForeground = Color.Black,
    FeedbackFontSize = 13,
    PositiveFeedbackImage = ImageSource.FromFile("success.png"),
    NegativeFeedbackImage = ImageSource.FromFile("fail.png"),
    NegativeFeedbackForeground = Color.FromHex(negative),
    NegativeFeedbackBackground = new Background
        Fill = Color.FromHex(30 + negative),
        StrokeColor = Color.FromHex(negative),
        StrokeWidth = 2,
        StrokeLocation = Location.All
    Height = 70,
    FeedbackImageSize = new Size(10, 10),


dataForm.EditorStyle = style;
dataForm.BackgroundColor = Color.FromHex("2D66B9");



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