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Changing the Appearance of RadTabbedWindow Tab During Drag


Product Version 2019.2.618
Product RadTabbedWindow for WPF


How to add a border around the drag visual of the tab item dragged out of RadTabbedWindow.


  1. Subscribe the RadTabbedWindow to the DragDropManager's DragInitialize event.

  2. In the event handler, get the DragVisual from the event arguments and set its Stroke and StrokeThickness properties.

public partial class MainWindow : RadTabbedWindow 
    public MainWindow() 
        DragDropManager.AddDragInitializeHandler(this, OnDragIn, true);             
    private void OnDragIn(object sender, DragInitializeEventArgs e) 
        var defaultDragVisual = (Rectangle)e.DragVisual; 
        defaultDragVisual.Stroke = Brushes.Green; 
        defaultDragVisual.StrokeThickness = 1;          
WPF RadTabbedWindow Changing the Tab Appearance During Drag

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