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How do I Set FirstVisibleTime on DayView and WeekView Definitions


Product Version 2019.2.618
Product RadScheduleView for WPF


How to change the FirstVisibleTime of RadScheduleView when the active view definition gets changed.


Create a custom control that derives from RadScheduleView and override the OnActiveViewDefinitionChanged. Then reset the FirstVisibleTime property.

public class CustomScheduleView : RadScheduleView 
    protected override void OnActiveViewDefinitionChanged(ViewDefinitionBase oldValue, ViewDefinitionBase newValue) 
        base.OnActiveViewDefinitionChanged(oldValue, newValue); 
        // reset the first visible time 
        var time = this.FirstVisibleTime; 
        this.FirstVisibleTime = TimeSpan.Zero; 
        this.FirstVisibleTime = time; 
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