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Use RadRichTextBox in Tooltip


Product Version 2019.2.618
Product RadRichTextBox for WPF


To bind content to a RadRichTextBox, you need to use one of the available data providers. However, popups have their separate visual tree and name scope, so binding outside of it is not possible with ElementName/RelativeSource, due to a limitation in the framework.


To have this binding work, you can pass the data through the Content property, the value of which will serve as a DataContext to the controls that are placed in the ContentTemplate. Here is how you can achieve that for a Grid's ToolTip:

The Name is a property of the object used as a DataContext for the ToolTip.

    <ToolTip Content="{Binding}"> 
                    <telerik:HtmlDataProvider RichTextBox="{Binding Path=., ElementName=radRichTextBox}" Html="{Binding Path=Name}}" /> 
                    <telerik:RadRichTextBox Name="radRichTextBox"  Height="400" Width="1000" /> 

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