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Enable Keyboard Input in WPF Window Opened from WinForms Application


Property Value
Product RadPivotGrid for WPF
Version 2023.1.117


The Label Filter dialog show through the RadPivotFieldList (part of RadPivotGrid) for WPF doesn't allow to input any values in its TextBox controls when the RadPivotFieldList for WPF is hosted in a WinForms application.


To resolve this, you need to enable keyboard input in WPF dialog opened in the WinForms application. This is done by calling the ElementHost.EnableModelessKeyboardInterop static method with the opened WPF Window instance.

public MainWindow() 
    this.radPivotFieldList.AddHandler(RoutedDialogEvents.RequestDialog, new EventHandler<DialogHostingRequestEventArgs>(this.OnDialogHostRequested), true); 
private void OnDialogHostRequested(object sender, DialogHostingRequestEventArgs e) 
    var dialogContent = (FrameworkElement)e.DialogInfo.Content; 
    var window = dialogContent.ParentOfType<Window>(); 
    if (window != null) 
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