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Pasting Value With Spaces in Front and Back Does Not Work


Product Version 2020.3.1020
Product RadNumericUpDown for WPF


Pasting a copied numeric value that contains untrimmed text does not work. In this case nothing happens.


Subscribe the RadNumericUpDown control to the DataObject's Pastring event and implement the pasting manually.

DataObject.AddPastingHandler(this.numericUpDown, OnNumericUpDownPaste); 

private void OnNumericUpDownPaste(object sender, DataObjectPastingEventArgs e) 
    var copiedString = e.DataObject.GetData(typeof(string)) as string; 
    if (copiedString != null) 
        copiedString = copiedString.Trim(); 
        double number = 0; 
        var success = double.TryParse(copiedString, out number); 
        if (success) 
            this.numericUpDown.SetCurrentValue(RadNumericUpDown.ValueProperty, number); 
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