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The Type QueryableEntityCollectionView<T> Exists in Both Telerik.Windows.Controls.EntityFramework and Telerik.Windows.Controls.EntityFramework60 Error


Product Version 2020.2.617
Product Telerik UI for WPF


An error "The type QueryableEntityCollectionView exists in both Telerik.Windows.Controls.EntityFramework and Telerik.Windows.Controls.EntityFramework60" is shown when installing the Telerik.UI.for.Wpf nuget that contains all Telerik UI for WPF dlls.


This happens because the QueryableEntityCollectionView dll is defined in both the Telerik.Windows.Controls.EntityFramework and Telerik.Windows.Controls.EntityFramework60 dlls. To resolve this you will need to remove one of the two dlls (based on the EntityFramework version you are using - 5 or 6+). If you're using NuGet packages, you need to use separate nuget packages to avoid this error.

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