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Focus the RadWatermakTextBox Element of RadMultiColumnComboBox


Product Version 2024.1.312
Product RadMultiColumnComboBox for WPF


How to focus the RadWatermakTextBox element of the RadMultiColumnComboBox control.


Subscribe to the Loaded event of RadMultiColumnComboBox and utilize the FindChildByType method to retrive the RadWatermarkTextBox element. Then, you can call its Focus method.

Retrieve the RadWatermarkTextBox element on the Loaded event of RadMultiColumnComboBox

private void RadMultiColumnComboBox_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 
    var mccb = (RadMultiColumnComboBox)sender; 
    var textBox = mccb.FindChildByType<RadWatermarkTextBox>(); 
    if (textBox != null) 

You can cache the RadWatermarkTextBox instance in a field and invoke the Focus method when required.

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