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Show Clustering Bubble For Single Item in RadMap


Product RadMap for WPF


How to show clustering bubble for single item in RadMap.


  1. Create a class inheriting DefaultClusterGenerator and set its AutoExpandWhenSingle property to False.

        public class CustomClusterGenerator : DefaultClusterGenerator 
            public CustomClusterGenerator() 
                this.AutoExpandWhenSingle = false; 
  2. Set the CustomClusterGenerator to the ClusterGenerator property of the RadMap.

        <telerik:RadMap > 
                <local:CustomClusterGenerator x:Key="CustomClusterGenerator" /> 
            <telerik:VisualizationLayer ClusteringEnabled="True" 
                                        ClusterGenerator="{StaticResource CustomClusterGenerator}"> 

    The namespace "local" refers to the namespace, where the "CustomClusterGenerator" class is defined.

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