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Drop event not fired


Product Version 2019.2.618
Product RadListBox for WPF


How to get the RadListBoxItem element under the mouse when DragDropManager.DragOver or DragDropManager.Drop is fired for RadListBox.


In the DragOver or Drop event handler, get the OriginalSource of the event arguments. This is the element under the mouse. From it, you can use the ParentOfType method to get the RadListBoxItem.

private void OnRadListBoxDragOver(object sender, Telerik.Windows.DragDrop.DragEventArgs e) 
    var elementUnderMouse = (FrameworkElement)e.OriginalSource; 
    var item = elementUnderMouse.ParentOfType<RadListBoxItem>();         
Note that if you don't data bind the ItemsSource of RadListBox, the OriginalSource of the event arguments might be the RadListBoxItem itself.

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