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Get Click Coordinates Relative to the Image of RadImageEditor


Product Version 2021.2.511
Product RadImageEditor for WPF


How to get the image cooridnates of the clicked point in the RadImageEditor control.


To do this, you can subscribe to the MouseLeftButtonDown event of RadImageEditor and calculate the coordinates based on the mouse position, the image size and the control's size.

private void imageEditor_MouseLeftButtonDown(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseButtonEventArgs e) 
    var image = e.OriginalSource as Image; 
    if (image != null) 
        Point mousePosition = e.GetPosition(image); 
        double relativeWidth = mousePosition.X / image.ActualWidth; 
        double relativeHeight = mousePosition.Y / image.ActualHeight; 
        var originalImageWidth = ((WriteableBitmap)image.Source).PixelWidth; 
        var originalImageHeight = ((WriteableBitmap)image.Source).PixelHeight; 
        var pixelXPosition = originalImageWidth * relativeWidth; 
        var pixelYPosition = originalImageHeight * relativeHeight; 
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