Paste an Image from the Clipboard to RadImageEditor


Product Version 2019.1.220
Product RadImageEditor for WPF


Paste an image file or selection from the clipboard to RadImageEditor.


The following code snippet demonstrates how to get an image from the clipboard and load it in RadImageEditor.

this.ImageEditor.KeyUp += (s, e) => { if (e.Key == Key.V && KeyboardModifiers.IsControlDown) { var image = Clipboard.GetImage(); if (image != null) { this.ImageEditor.Image = new RadBitmap(image); } else { var files = Clipboard.GetFileDropList();

          if (files.Count > 0) 
              var file = new FileStream(files[0], FileMode.Open); 
              this.ImageEditor.Image = new RadBitmap(file); 


AddHandler Me.ImageEditor.KeyUp, Sub(s, e) If e.Key = Key.V AndAlso KeyboardModifiers.IsControlDown Then Dim image = Clipboard.GetImage() If image IsNot Nothing Then Me.ImageEditor.Image = New RadBitmap(image) Else Dim files = Clipboard.GetFileDropList()

    If files.Count > 0 Then 
      Dim file = New FileStream(files(0), FileMode.Open) 
      Me.ImageEditor.Image = New RadBitmap(file) 
    End If 
  End If 
End If 

End Sub

The first if statement checks whether an image was copied from another image. If this is not the case, we check whether a whole image file has been copied to the clipboard.

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