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GridView FilteringControl Changes Its Width While Scrolling


Product Version 2019.3 917
Product RadGridView for WPF


FilteringControl changes its width when scrolling the DistinctValuesList to an item with longer text value.


Such behavior can be observed only when there are elements with greater width than the default one of the RadGridView's FilteringControl. To resolve this, create a Style like the following:

<Style TargetType="telerik:FilteringControl"> <!--Add BasedOn="{StaticResource FilteringControlStyle}" when using the NoXaml assemblies--> 
    <Setter Property="MinWidth" Value="0"/> 
    <Setter Property="Width" Value="500"/> 

The recommended Width value in the above style depends on the application theme that you use, plus the default Culture and the default FontSize of the RadGridView.

The table below contains all of the available themes, their default font sizes and the recommended width values for the FilteringControl.

Theme name Default FontSize Recommended Width
VisualStudio2019 12 220
Crystal 13 250
Fluent 12 250
Material 14 280
Office2016Touch 14 250
Office2016 12 216
Green 12 240
VisualStudio2013 12 240
Office2013 15 220
Windows8Touch 15 300
Windows8 12 210
All other themes 12 215

These values are chosen to be suitable for all available cultures and the default font sizes for a specific theme. In case you need to apply the biggest font size from a theme's Palette, please refer to the following table.

Theme name Max Palette FontSize Recommended Width
VisualStudio2019 FontSizeXL (20) 355
Crystal FontSizeXL (15) 275
Fluent FontSizeXL (14) 255
Material FontSizeL (18) 345
Office2016Touch FontSizeL (16) 285
Office2016 FontSizeL (14) 250
Green FontSizeXL (14) 275
VisualStudio2013 FontSizeXXL (22) 405
Office2013 FontSizeXL (16) 225
Windows8Touch FontSizeXXL (24) 420
Windows8 FontSizeXXXL (24) 410

Themes that are not part of this table do not support theme palettes.

If you need to apply bigger font sizes for a theme, different than the default or the max ones, you will need to match them with an appropriate width value.

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