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Field Filters Not Visible when Filtering Control Is First Opened


Product Version 2022.3.912
Product RadGridView for WPF


The field filter controls (textboxes, comboboxes, etc.) of the FilteringControl popup of the RadGridView control are not displayed when the popup is first opened. Subsequently opening the popup displays the filters as expected.


Such an issue can occur if a custom FilteringControl is defined and its base constructor is not called. This happens because the default FilteringControl class initializes most of its logic (along with the filter editors) in its constructor.

To resolve this, ensure that the constructor of the base FilteringControl class is called:

public CustomFilteringControl(GridViewColumn column) : base(column) 
    // ... 
You can then assign the custom filtering control as follows:

foreach (var column in GridView.Columns) 
    column.FilteringControl = new CustomFilteringControl(column); 

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