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How to Remove Cell Background Highlighting When Searching as you Type in RadGridView


Product Version 2019.1.220
Product RadGridView for WPF


How to remove the default cell background highlighting when search as you type and replace it with a custom one.


  1. Create a custom column that derives from GridViewDataColumn.
  2. Override the CreateCellElement method of the column.
  3. Replace the default HighlightTextBlock element with a TextBlock.
  4. Populate the new TextBlock with customized Run elements in order to reflect the search result in the cell.

public class CustomDataColumn : GridViewDataColumn 
    public override FrameworkElement CreateCellElement(GridViewCell cell, object dataItem) 
        var element = base.CreateCellElement(cell, dataItem);             
        if (element is HighlightTextBlock) 
            var textBlock = (HighlightTextBlock)element; 
            // The next three lines of code are required in order to apply the built-in highlighting, thus populating the TextEffects. 
            // This way we have the means to create the the Run elements properly. 
            textBlock.DataContext = dataItem; 
            textBlock.Text = textBlock.GetValue(HighlightTextBlock.TextProperty).ToString(); 
            textBlock.HighlightBrush = Brushes.Green; 
            if (textBlock.TextEffects.Count > 0 && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(textBlock.Text)) 
                var newCellElement = new TextBlock(); 
                for (int i = 0; i < textBlock.Text.Length; i++) 
                    char character = textBlock.Text[i]; 
                    bool isHighlightedCharacter = textBlock.TextEffects.Any(x => x.PositionStart <= i && i < (x.PositionStart + x.PositionCount));                         
                    newCellElement.Inlines.Add(new Run(character.ToString()) { Background = isHighlightedCharacter ? new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Tomato) { Opacity = 0.5 } : null }); 
                return newCellElement; 
        return element; 

    <local:CustomDataColumn DataMemberBinding="{Binding Address}" /> 
WPF RadGridView Remove Cell Background Highlighting When Searching as you Type

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