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Child Hierarchy Blank Rows When Sorting or Scrolling RadGridView


Product Version 2019.2 729
Product RadGridView for WPF


Rows are blank when sorting or scrolling the RadGridView control. This can also be observed for child rows when hierarchy is used.

Solution 1

Such issues may appear when using the default GroupRenderMode (Nested) of RadGridView. To resolve this, set GroupRenderMode to Flat.

<telerik:RadGridView GroupRenderMode="Flat" /> 

Solution 2

Also, similar issues can occur when setting properties of the GridViewRow controls in code. For example:

GridViewRow row = GetRowMethod();

row.Visibility = Visibility.Collapsed; // or similar

To resolve this, avoid setting GridViewRow properties directly. Instead use the RowStyle property of RadGridView and data bind any properties you want.

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