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Dynamic Creation of RadGauge Indicators


Product Version 2019.3.917
Product RadGauge for WPF


How to data bind the Indicators collection of RadGauge.


The Indicators property doesn't support data binding. One way to achieve this requirement, is to use an attached property.

<telerik:VerticalLinearScale local:IndicatorsBehavior.ItemsSource="{Binding Markers}" /> 

public class IndicatorsBehavior 
    public static IEnumerable GetItemsSource(DependencyObject obj) 
        return (IEnumerable)obj.GetValue(ItemsSourceProperty); 
    public static void SetItemsSource(DependencyObject obj, IEnumerable value) 
        obj.SetValue(ItemsSourceProperty, value); 
    public static readonly DependencyProperty ItemsSourceProperty = 
            new PropertyMetadata(null, OnItemsSourceChanged)); 
    private static void OnItemsSourceChanged(DependencyObject d, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e) 
        if (e.NewValue != null) 
            var scale = (VerticalLinearScale)d; 
            var markers = (List<double>)e.NewValue; 
            foreach (var markerValue in markers) 
                var marker = new Marker() 
                    Value = markerValue 
                LinearScale.SetRotateForVertical(marker, true); 
                ScaleObject.SetRelativeWidth(marker, new GaugeMeasure(0.05, GridUnitType.Star)); 
                ScaleObject.SetRelativeHeight(marker, new GaugeMeasure(0.04, GridUnitType.Star)); 
                ScaleObject.SetOffset(marker, new GaugeMeasure(0.04, GridUnitType.Star)); 

public class MainViewModel 
    public List<double> Markers { get; set; } = new List<double>() { 20, 50, 66 }; 
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