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Show ToolTip With DateTime Under Mouse in Eventspanel


Product RadGanttView for WPF


How to display a tooltip showing a datetime on mouse location in the eventspanel.


  1. Obtain a reference to the EventsPanel inside the RadGanttView using the ChildlrenOfType extension method.
  2. Handle its MouseLeave, MouseEnter and MouseMove events.
  3. Create a tooltip and set its PlacementTarget to the EventsPanel. The tooltip will be opened/closed in the MouseEnter/MouseLeave events and its Content and position will changed in the MouseMove event.
  4. Introduce logic that translates the mouse coordinates to a datetime as demonstrated in the following example. Note, that the logic will be different depending on whether the VisibleRange of the RadGanttView is set or not.

public partial class MainWindow : Window 
    private RadToolTip tooltip = new RadToolTip(); 
    private LogicalCanvasPanel eventsPanel; 
    private ScrollBar horizontalScrollBar; 
    private VisibleRange VisibleRange = new VisibleRange(DateTime.Now.AddYears(-2), DateTime.Now.AddYears(2)); 
    public MainWindow() 
        var date = DateTime.Now; 
        var task1 = new GanttTask(date, date.AddDays(1), "task 1"); 
        var task2 = new GanttTask(date.AddDays(1), date.AddDays(350).AddHours(15), "task 2"); 
        var mainTask = new GanttTask(date, date.AddDays(2), "my task") { Children = { task1, task2 } }; 
        this.DataContext = new ObservableCollection<GanttTask>() { mainTask }; 
        this.ganttView.VisibleRange = this.VisibleRange; 
        this.ganttView.Loaded += GanttView_Loaded; 
    private void GanttView_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 
        this.eventsPanel = this.ganttView 
            .FirstOrDefault(x => x.Name == "EventsPanel"); 
        this.horizontalScrollBar = this.eventsPanel 
        this.tooltip.PlacementTarget = this.eventsPanel; 
        this.tooltip.Placement = PlacementMode.Relative; 
        this.tooltip.HorizontalAlignment = HorizontalAlignment.Right; 
        this.tooltip.VerticalOffset = 10; 
        this.eventsPanel.MouseEnter += EventsPanel_MouseEnter; 
        this.eventsPanel.AddHandler(LogicalCanvasPanel.MouseLeaveEvent, new MouseEventHandler(EventsPanel_MouseLeave), true); 
        this.eventsPanel.MouseMove += EventsPanel_MouseMove;             
    private void EventsPanel_MouseLeave(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e) 
        this.tooltip.IsOpen = false; 
    private void EventsPanel_MouseEnter(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e) 
        this.tooltip.IsOpen = true; 
    private void EventsPanel_MouseMove(object sender, System.Windows.Input.MouseEventArgs e) 
        Point position = e.GetPosition(this.eventsPanel); 
        DateTime date; 
        if (this.ganttView.VisibleRange != null) 
            date = ConvertPointToDate(position, this.ganttView); 
            date = ConvertPointToDate(position, this.eventsPanel); 
        this.tooltip.Content = date; 
        this.tooltip.HorizontalOffset = position.X + 5; 
        this.tooltip.VerticalOffset = position.Y + 5; 
    public DateTime ConvertPointToDate(Point point, LogicalCanvasPanel canvasPanel) 
        TimeRenderingHelper renderingHelper = (TimeRenderingHelper)canvasPanel.HorizontalHelper; 
        Range<long> viewportRange = (Range<long>)renderingHelper.GetLogicalViewport(new Range<double>(point.X, point.X)); 
        return new DateTime(viewportRange.Start); 
    public DateTime ConvertPointToDate(Point point, RadGanttView gantt) 
        double offsetX = this.horizontalScrollBar.Value; 
        long ticksPerPixel = gantt.PixelLength.Ticks; 
        var tickOnPoint = (point.X + this.horizontalScrollBar.Value) * ticksPerPixel; 
        return gantt.VisibleRange.Start.AddTicks((long)tickOnPoint); 

<telerik:RadGanttView x:Name="ganttView" TasksSource="{Binding}"> 
            <telerik:TreeColumnDefinition Header="Title" Width="AutoHeaderAndContent"/> 
            <telerik:ColumnDefinition MemberBinding="{Binding Start}" Header="Start" Width="AutoHeaderAndContent"/> 
            <telerik:ColumnDefinition MemberBinding="{Binding End}" Header="End" Width="AutoHeaderAndContent"/> 
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