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How to Close the Active Pane with a Key Combination


Product Version 2020.3.916
Product RadDocking for WPF


How to close the active pane with a key combination.


As of R3 2020, you can use the new ClosePane command to close the currently active pane. The command accepts a parameter of type ClosePaneMode which has three possible values:

  • DocumentPanes: The active document pane is closed or if there is no active, the first selected document pane is closed.
  • NonDocumentPanes: The active non-document pane is closed, if any.
  • ActivePanes: The active pane is closed, if any.

If no parameter is passed, the command will close the currently active pane, if there is such.

Example 1: Binding the ClosePane to Ctrl+F4 for a single RadDocking instance

    <!-- ... --> 
        <KeyBinding Command="telerik:RadDockingCommands.ClosePane" CommandParameter="DocumentPanes" Key="F4" Modifiers="Ctrl" /> 
You can also bind the command for all RadDocking controls in your application by using the CommandManager.RegisterClassInputBinding method.

Example 2: Binding the ClosePane to Ctrl+F4 for all RadDocking controls in the application

public App() 
    KeyBinding keyBinding = new KeyBinding(RadDockingCommands.ClosePane, new KeyGesture(Key.F4, ModifierKeys.Control)) { CommandParameter = ClosePaneMode.DocumentPanes }; 
    CommandManager.RegisterClassInputBinding(typeof(RadDocking), keyBinding); 

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