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Add additional element inside RadTabbedWindow's header


Product Version 2019.3.1023
Product RadTabbedWindow for WPF


How to add additional element inside RadTabbedWindow's header.


To achieve this requirement, you can subscribe to the Loaded event of RadTabbedWindow. Inside the event handler, you can get the StackPanel that holds the header buttons. Then, you can insert new buttons on the panel.

Example 1: Subscribe to the ContextMenuOpening event

    private void RadTabbedWindow_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 
        var stackWithButtons = this.ChildrenOfType<StackPanel>().FirstOrDefault( x=> x.Name == "HeaderButtons"); 
        if (stackWithButtons != null) 
            stackWithButtons.Children.Insert(0, new RadButton() { Content = "My Custom Button" }); 
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