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Create Project

Progress Telerik UI for WPF Extension allows you to quickly create an application pre-configured to use Telerik UI for WPF.

The fastest way to have such a project is by using the Progress Telerik UI for WPF Extension menu. The following steps show how create a new project with Telerik dlls referenced.

  1. Find the Telerik extensions menu in Visual Studio. The menu can appear on different places based on the Visual Studio version. With versions prior to VS 2019, the Telerik option is found as a separate option in the horizontal file menu. In VS 2019 the menu is hidden in the Extensions Visual Studio menu. Figure 1 shows where to find the extensions in the different Visual Studio versions.

    Figure 1: Telerik Visual Studio Extensions menu location in Visual Studio 2017 and 2019

  2. Click on the Create New Telerik Project option and configure the project.

    Figure 2: Configure your new project menu

  3. In the Create New Project Wizard select the project template you want to use. The wizard allows you to define a blank project with only the Telerik.Windows.Controls.dll referenced, or to use one of the Office-inspired templates (Calendar, Word-Inspired, etc.).

    During this step you can also select the project's language (C# or VB.NET) and also the version of Telerik UI for WPF.

    Figure 3: Create New Project Wizard

    Creating a new .NET Core project allows you to automatically add nuget package references in the newly created project. To do this, choose a version with "NuGet" in its name from the Create New Project Wizard.

    Figure 4: Create New Project Wizard - NuGet options

You can also start the Telerik's Create New Project Wizard (see step 2) from the Visual Studio's New Project Wizard.

Figure 5: Visual Studio New Project Wizard

The Create New Project Wizard allows you to download a Telerik version that is not available on your machine.

If you prefer the Telerik assemblies to be copied into your solution folder, the Copy referenced assemblies to solution and source control option could be selected only into the Visual Studio Extensions Options.

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