Special Slots

RadTimeBar provides an easy way to mark certain intervals along the visible range of the control as special slots. This is done through a custom RangeGenerator class which implements ITimeRangeGenerator interface. This interface defines the GetRanges() method. Given the current visible period, this method returns IEnumerable - an array of PeriodSpan instances each of which defines a special slot with a start and end date. E.g. new PeriodSpan(System.DateTime date, System.TimeSpan slotSpan)

Below you can find a sample weekends generator implementation:

using Telerik.Windows.Controls;
using Telerik.Windows.Controls.TimeBar;

public class WeekendsGenerator : ITimeRangeGenerator
  public System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<IPeriodSpan> GetRanges(SelectionRange<DateTime> visibleRange)
      TimeSpan slotSpan = TimeSpan.FromDays(2);
      var differenceFirstVisible = DayOfWeek.Saturday - visibleRange.Start.DayOfWeek;
      DateTime day = new DateTime(visibleRange.Start.Year, visibleRange.Start.Month, visibleRange.Start.Day);

      for (DateTime current = day.AddDays(differenceFirstVisible); current < visibleRange.End; current += TimeSpan.FromDays(7))
          yield return new PeriodSpan(current, slotSpan);
Imports Telerik.Windows.Controls
Imports Telerik.Windows.Controls.TimeBar

Public Class WeekendsGenerator
  Implements ITimeRangeGenerator
  Public Function GetRanges(visibleRange As SelectionRange(Of DateTime)) As System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable(Of IPeriodSpan)
      Dim slotSpan As TimeSpan = TimeSpan.FromDays(2)
      Dim differenceFirstVisible = DayOfWeek.Saturday - visibleRange.Start.DayOfWeek
      Dim day As New DateTime(visibleRange.Start.Year, visibleRange.Start.Month, visibleRange.Start.Day)

      Dim current As DateTime = day.AddDays(differenceFirstVisible)
      While current < visibleRange.[End]
          yield Return New PeriodSpan(current, slotSpan)
          current += TimeSpan.FromDays(7)
      End While
  End Function
End Class

Using the SpecialSlotsGenerator property of the RadTimeBar control you can specify a custom ITimeRangeGenerator instance that defines certain time intervals as special. The example below shows how you can specify a time range generator for a RadTimeBar control:

<telerik:RadTimeBar PeriodStart="1-Jan-2010" PeriodEnd="1-Jan-2011">
        <example:WeekendsGenerator />
        <telerik:MonthInterval />
        <telerik:DayInterval />

Using the sample weekends generator above, you will get the following result:
Rad Timebar-features-special-slots

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