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Keyboard Support

RadPdfViewer supports KeyBindings - it has a number of predefined common key-bindings, but you can also customize them by disabling the default ones and defining new ones.

The key-bindings supported by the control are:

Hotkey Action (Command) Parameter
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+A SelectAll
Left Arrow MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToPreviousCharacter
Right Arrow MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToNextCharacter
Ctrl+Left Arrow MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToPreviousWord
Ctrl+Right Arrow MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToNextWord
Upper Arrow MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveLineUp
Down Arrow MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveLineDown
Home MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToLineStart
End MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToLineEnd
Ctrl+Home MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToStartOfDocument
Ctrl+End MoveCaret CaretMovementType.MoveToEndOfDocument

The key bindings of the viewer can be retrieved using the KeyBindings property. After that, you can proceed to modify the collection using the public API of the class:

public void Clear()                                                //Clears the collection 
public void SetInputBindings(InputBindingCollection inputBindings) //Clears the current KeyBindings and sets the new ones. 
public void Add(InputBinding inputBinding)                           
public void AddRange(IEnumerable<InputBinding> inputBindings) 
public void RegisterCommand(ICommand command, Key key, ModifierKeys modifierKeys = ModifierKeys.None, object commandParameter = null) 

Here is an example that shows how the default input bindings can be cleared and two ways of registering new key bindings:

this.pdfViewer.KeyBindings.Add(new KeyBinding(this.pdfViewer.Commands.PageUpCommand, new KeyGesture(Key.PageUp))); 
this.pdfViewer.KeyBindings.RegisterCommandDescriptor(this.pdfViewer.CommandDescriptors.PageDownCommandDescriptor, Key.PageDown); 
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