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Keyboard Support

Using the keyboard you can easily navigate through RadListbox's items. Here's a list of the currently supported keys.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Up/Down, Left/Right: Navigates to the previous/next item based on the current orientation of the control's ItemsPanel.

Prior to R1 2018, only up/down navigation is supported which does not take into account the orientation of the panel - always navigates to the next/previous index.

RadListBox currently supports navigation in the following panels: StackPanel, VirtualizingStackPanel, WrapPanel, VirtualizingWrapPanel.

  • PageUp/PageDown: Navigates to the first/last item in the viewport or selects the previous/next item if all items are in the viewport.

  • Home/End: Navigates to the first/last item.

  • Space: Selects the currently focused item when in Multiple selection mode.

  • Ctrl: When in Extended selection mode, moves the focus to the next/previous item when used in combination with the arrow keys.

  • Shift: When in Extended selection mode, selects all items from the current one to the next/previous item when used in combination with the arrow keys.


All other keys trigger the control's autocomplete mechanism if IsTextSearchEnabled is set to True.

Disabled items are not be included in navigation - they are skipped and the next/previous item is navigated to.

Currently, the attached KeyBoardNavigation.DirectionalNavigation property is not respected. The control behaves as in Contained directional navigation.

Navigation always starts from the currently selected item. If there is no selection, navigation will start from the first item.

By default RadListBox has its IsScrollIntoViewEnabled property set to True. This means that when an item is selected with the keyboard it will be scrolled into the viewport and made visible.

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