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How to Access Sorted and Filtered Items Within RadGridView

The RadGridView exposes an Items property which represents a collection of the items after filtering, sorting and grouping operations have been applied upon the RadGridView`s ItemsSource.

Lets assume we have a RadGridView with an ItemsSource that is an ObservableCollection of Club objects. The collection consists of 4 objects and the control has the following appearance:

Figure 1: The original appearance of the RadGridView

Telerik WPF DataGrid-ItemsProperty

Eventually, we would like to filter and sort the RadGridView:

Figure 2: The appearance of the RadGridView after applying the data operations

Telerik WPF DataGrid-ItemsProperty SortedFiltered

You can access the items that remain after the data operations are applied through the Items property, as the ItemsSource will remain unchanged.

The Items collection will be sorted according to the applied changes. Grouping the RadGridView might also result in reordering the collection.

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