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This article describes the release history of the RadExpander control.

To see the fixes and features included in our latest official release please refer to our Release History .

Q2 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Changing its theme in runtime causes issues in the expand/collapse animations

Q1 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Animation stops working and the content stays visible after collapsing

  • Fixed: IsExpanded property does not show the content after Visibility is changed

  • Fixed: Sometimes the content isn't opened on first click during a TileViewItem animation

  • Fixed: The control can only be expanded/collapsed through the keyboard in the Metro and expressionDark themes

Q2 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: The IsTabStop of the "HeaderButton" must be bound to the IsTabStop of the RadExpader

  • Fixed: During WPF Design time expand/collapse is animated.

Q1 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: IsExpanded property does not behave correctly when set before OnApplyTemplate

What's New

  • Feature: Use FocusVisualStyle property to control focus visual

You can examine the Q1 2012 release history in our site.

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