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The built-in localization mechanism in WPF allows you to localize RadDataFilter control.

Here is a list of the supported languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Turkish

To learn more about the ways to localize the RadControls please read the common topic about Localization.

Below you may see some of the resource keys and the strings they are associated with them.

WPF RadDataFilter Localizable Elements

Resource Keys

The resources of the control can be localized by using an unique identifier called resource key that is assigned to each localizable string. Below you may find a list of all Resources available and their default values:

FilterAnd And
FilterContains Contains
FilterDoesNotContain Does not contain
FilterEndsWith Ends with
FilterIsContainedIn Is contained in
FilterIsEqualTo Is equal to
FilterIsGreaterThan Is greater than
FilterIsGreaterThanOrEqualTo Is greater than or equal to
FilterIsLessThan Is less than
FilterIsLessThanOrEqualTo Is less than or equal to
FilterIsNotContainedIn Is not contained in
FilterIsNotEqualTo Is not equal to
FilterMatchCase Match case
FilterOr Or
FilterStartsWith Starts with
FilterIsEmpty Is empty
FilterIsNotEmpty Is not empty
FilterIsNull Is null
FilterIsNotNull Is not null
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