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This article describes the release history of the RadButtons controls.

To see the fixes and features included in our latest official release please refer to our Release History .

Q2 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Disabled state is not consistent

  • Fixed: DropDownButton doesn't open on Enter if before that you've opened/closed the button with mouse

  • Fixed: Refactor RadButton's AutomationPeers to work like native buttons

  • Fixed: The DropDownContent of a DropDownButton stays opened when PressMode="Press"

What's New

  • Feature: Visual improvement of RadSplitButton

Q1 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: DropDownButton DropDownContentPopup is placed incorrectly when setting PopupPlacementTarget and zooming the browser

  • Fixed: DropDownPopup is not on the correct position if the application is zoomed

  • Fixed: Incorrect positioning in RadDropDownButton of a popup opened from the DropDownButton's content and effect is applied

  • Fixed: It isn't possible to set the DropDownContent with DataTemplate

  • Fixed: RadSplitButton's IsTabStop="False" is applied only for the DropDownPart and the ActionPart is still included in the tab navigation

  • Fixed: StringFormat property on Binding fails to work in the RadButton.

  • Feature: The Content and DropDownContent of the DropDownButton cannot be data bound

What's New

  • Feature: Create a button behavior that allows button click when in IsManipulationEnabled=True container

Q1 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: DropDownButton: Mouse Clicking then pressing Escape multiple times works in a different way than just mouse clicking multiple times

  • Fixed: DropDownButton: Clicking on the button when it is place in DropDownContent of another button does not work as expected

  • Fixed: IsEnabled doesn't work when the buttons are in RibbonView/Bar and their CanExecute is True

  • Fixed: RadDropDownButton and RadSplitButton don't close on click outside when in RadWindow

  • Fixed: IsBackgroundVisible property doesn't work

Q1 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Create Automation peer for RadButtons

  • Fixed: IsEnabled property should be with higher priority than returned value from CanExecute method of a Command

  • Fixed: Space key has to be hit twice when editing DropDownContent of a DropDownButton

  • Fixed: RadioButton does not work correctly in certain situations when it is checked and Metro theme is applied

  • Fixed: Modify the Metro theme Pressed state implementation

  • Fixed: DropDownButtons do not work correctly with TextBoxes in their DropDownContent

  • Fixed: Wrong foreground of RadSplitButton in Expression_Dark theme

  • Fixed: Incorrect behavior when you initially have IsEnabled = false

  • Fixed: RadButtons don't recognize access keys in ExpressionDark

You can examine the Q1 2012 release history in our site.

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