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History Support

The history feature allows you to keep track of the items that were selected in the breadcrumb. Each time an item gets unselected it gets on top of the history stack.

A picture showing the WPF RadBreadcrumb history feature

The history tracking is enabled by default. To disable it, set the IsHistoryEnabled property of RadBreadcrumb to false.

Disabling the history feature

<telerik:RadBreadcrumb IsHistoryEnabled="False"/> 
The drop down area where the history items appear can be toggled manually via the IsHistoryOpen property of RadBreadcrumb. The property can be used also to get the current state of the drop down.

To access the history items, use the HistoryItems collection property of RadBreadcrumb. The collection contains RadBreadcrumbBarItem objects.

Getting history items

var historyItem = this.breadcrumb.HistoryItems[0] as RadBreadcrumbBarItem; 
By default the history stores up to 10 items. To change this, set the HistorySize property of RadBreadcrumb.

Changing the history size

<telerik:RadBreadcrumb HistorySize="20"/> 

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