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Section Class
A block-level flow content element used for grouping other Block elements.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Model
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Documents (in Telerik.Windows.Documents.dll) Version: 2017.3.1018.40 (2017.3.1018.40)
public class Section : BlockContainerBase, IContainChildDocument

The Section type exposes the following members.

Public methodClearValue (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodCopyPropertiesFrom (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodCopyPropertiesFromOverride (Overrides DocumentElementCopyPropertiesFromOverride(DocumentElement).)
Public methodCopyPropertiesFromStyle (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodCreateDeepCopy (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodCreateLayoutBox (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodCreateLayoutBox(DocumentStructureCollection) (Overrides DocumentElementCreateLayoutBox(DocumentStructureCollection).)
Protected methodCreateNewElementInstance (Overrides DocumentElementCreateNewElementInstance.)
Public methodCreateShallowCopy (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodEnumerateChildrenOfTypeT (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodExtractStyleFromLocalProperties (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodExtractStyleFromProperties (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetAssociatedLayoutBoxes (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetFooterByPageNumber
Gets the footer by page number.
Public methodGetFooterByType
Gets the footer by its type.
Public methodGetFooterHeight
Gets the height of the footer for a page.
Public methodGetHeaderByPageNumber
Gets the header by page number.
Public methodGetHeaderByType
Gets the header by its type.
Public methodGetHeaderFooterTypeByPageNumber
Gets the header/footer type by page number.
Public methodGetHeaderHeight
Gets the height of the header for a page.
Public methodGetParentOfTypeT (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetPropertyValueSource (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetRootDocument (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetStyleProperty(String) (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodGetStyleProperty(IStylePropertyDefinition) (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodInvalidateAssociatedBoxesArrange (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodInvalidateAssociatedBoxesLayout (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodInvalidateAssociatedBoxesMeasure (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodIsFooterLinkedToPrevious
Public methodIsHeaderLinkedToPrevious
Public methodLinkFooterToPrevious
Public methodLinkHeaderToPrevious
Public methodOnChildDocumentContainerChanged
Public methodOnChildDocumentContainerChanging
Protected methodOnHeadersFootersChanged
Protected methodOnParentChanged (Overrides DocumentElementOnParentChanged.)
Protected methodOnParentChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnRemoved (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnStyleChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnStyleChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected methodOnStylePropertyChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public methodSetFooterByPageNumber
Sets the footer by page number.
Public methodSetFooterByType
Sets a footer according to type.
Public methodSetHeaderByPageNumber
Sets the header by page number.
Public methodSetHeaderByType
Sets a header according to type.
Public methodSetMainDocument
Public methodUnlinkFooterFromPrevious
Public methodUnlinkHeaderFromPrevious
Public propertyActualPageMargin
Public propertyBlocks (Inherited from BlockContainerBase.)
Public propertyChildIndex (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyChildren (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyColumns
Gets or sets the text columns in the Section.
Public propertyColumnsSerializationData
This property supports XAML serialization infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public propertyCursor (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyDefaultStyleSettings Obsolete.
Get or sets StyleDefinition instance that holds default values for properties
(Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Protected propertyDocumentElements (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyEndnotesFirstNumber
Gets or sets the endnotes starting number.
Public propertyEndnotesNumberingFormat
Gets or sets the endnotes numbering format.
Public propertyEndnotesNumberingRestartType
Gets or sets the type of the endnotes numbering restart.
Public propertyFirstLayoutBox (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyFirstPageNumber
Gets or sets the page number that appears on the first page of the section.
Public propertyFooterBottomMargin
Gets or sets the footer bottom margin.
Public propertyFooters
Gets or sets the footers.
Public propertyFootnotesFirstNumber
Gets or sets the footnotes starting number.
Public propertyFootnotesNumberingFormat
Gets or sets the footnotes numbering format.
Public propertyFootnotesNumberingRestartType
Gets or sets the type of the footnotes numbering restart.
Public propertyHasDifferentFirstPageHeaderFooter
Gets or sets a value indicating whether first page header/footer is different.
Public propertyHasStyle (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyHeaders
Gets or sets the headers.
Public propertyHeaderTopMargin
Gets or sets the header top margin.
Public propertyIsEmpty
Gets a value indicating whether the section is empty.
Protected propertyIsFirstLayoutBoxInitialized (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyLastLayoutBox
Traverses AssociatedLayoutBoxes to find the last
(Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyNextSibling (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyNumber
Gets the section number (starting from 1).
Public propertyOriginalProperties (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyPageMargin
Public propertyPageOrientation
Public propertyPageSize
Public propertyParent (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyPreviousSectionBreakType
Public propertyPreviousSibling (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyRevisionInfo (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyStyle
(Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyStyleName (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public propertyTag
String property that allows developers to attach custom data to the DocumentElement. The value of this property will be copied to DocumentElements created out of this DocumentElement during editing.
(Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventParentChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventParentChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventPropertyValueChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventStyleChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventStyleChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventStylePropertyChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
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