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SectionLayoutBox Class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Layout
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Documents (in Telerik.Windows.Documents.dll) Version: 2018.2.515.40 (2018.2.515.40)
public class SectionLayoutBox : LayoutBox, 

The SectionLayoutBox type exposes the following members.

Public methodArrange (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodArrangeCore (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodArrangeOverride (Overrides LayoutElementArrangeOverride(SizeF).)
Protected methodCanGrowVertically (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodCanGrowVerticallyOverride (Overrides LayoutBoxCanGrowVerticallyOverride(Single).)
Protected methodCreateChildren (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodCreateChildrenCollection (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodCreateLayoutBoxesFromContent
Public methodCreateLayoutElement (Overrides LayoutBoxCreateLayoutElement.)
Public methodCreateNewFragment (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodEnsureChildrenCreated (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodGetBoxDesiredGrow (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodGetFooter
Gets the footer for this page.
Public methodGetFooterContentMargins
Gets the margin of the footer inside the bottom page margin.
Public methodGetFooterHeight
Gets the height of the footer.
Public methodGetHeader
Gets the header for this page.
Public methodGetHeaderContentMargins
Gets the magin of the header content inside the top page margin.
Public methodGetHeaderFooterType
Gets the type of the header and footer for this page.
Public methodGetHeaderHeight
Gets the height of the header.
Public methodGetPositionHandler (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodGetRootDocument (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateArrange (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodInvalidateArrange(Boolean) (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodInvalidateArrangeUpToTheRoot (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateLayoutAfterEdit (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasure (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasure(Boolean) (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasureUpToTheRoot (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodInvalidateMeasureUpToTheRootStable (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodIsInValidState
Determines whether the element is currently in valid state. That is having a valid RadElementTree reference and being in either Constructed or Loaded state.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodMeasure (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodMeasureCore (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodMeasureOverride (Overrides LayoutElementMeasureOverride(SizeF).)
Public methodMergeWithNext (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnAssociateDocumentElementChanged (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnBitStateChanged
Notifies the object for a change in its bit state.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnChildDesiredSizeChanged (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnElementStructureChanged (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnElementStructureChanging (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodOnInvalidateArrange (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnInvalidateMeasure (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnParentChanged (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodOnParentChanging (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodSetBitState
Applies the specified boolean value to the BitVector of the object.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodSetFooter
Sets the footer.
Public methodSetHeader
Sets the header.
Protected methodSetParent (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected methodSetParentCore (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public methodToString (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public methodValidateChild (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Protected methodValidateParent (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodGetCurrentSectionBox (Defined by ExtensionMethods.)
Protected fieldcurrentY (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyAlignment (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyAssociatedDocumentElement (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyAssociatedSection
Public propertyAutoSize
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the element size will be calculated automatically by the layout system. Value of false indicates that the element's size will not be changed when calculating the layout.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected propertyBitState
Gets the RadBitVector64 structure that holds all the bit states of the object.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyBoundingRectangle (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyBoundsChildBoxes (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyBypassLayoutPolicies (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Protected propertyCanCreateLayoutBoxesFromContent (Overrides LayoutBoxCanCreateLayoutBoxesFromContent.)
Public propertyChildIndex (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyChildLayoutBoxes (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyChildren (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyClippedControlBoundingRectangle (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyControlBoundingRectangle (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyDesiredSize (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyHasVisualRepresentation (Overrides LayoutBoxHasVisualRepresentation.)
Public propertyIsArrangeValid (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyIsContainerBox (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsFirstBox (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsFirstChild (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsFormattingSymbol (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsFragment (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsLastBox (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsLastChild (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsMeasureInProgress (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyIsMeasureValid (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyIsRemoved (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyIsTopContainer (Overrides LayoutElementIsTopContainer.)
Public propertyIsValidPosition (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyLayoutOffset (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyLocalBoundingRectangle (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyMeasureWithoutParentNotification (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyNode (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyPageNumber
Public propertyParent (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public propertyPreviousArrangeRect (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertySize
Gets or sets the size of the element which is the height and width of the visual rectangle that would contain the element. Size corresponds to element's Bounds.Size. When the AutoSize property is set to true setting the Size property to some value has no effect.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyTotalTransform (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyTransform (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public propertyTreeLevel
Gets the level of this element in the LayoutElement tree it currently resides.
(Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public eventElementStructureChanged (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public eventElementStructureChanging (Inherited from LayoutBox.)
Public eventParentChanged (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
Public eventParentChanging (Inherited from LayoutElement.)
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