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Telerik.Pivot.Core.Fields Namespace
Public classContainerNode
Represents a node in FieldInfoNode hierarchy.
Public classContainerNodeEventArgs
Provides data for the AddingContainerNode event.
Public classDateTimePropertyFieldInfo
An IPivotFieldInfo that uses PropertyName and DateTimeStep to identify a property.
Public classFieldDescriptionProviderBase
A base class for various implementations of IFieldDescriptionProvider.
Public classFieldInfoData
Provides information about properties/fields of items that are used by a IFieldDescriptionProvider.
Public classFieldInfoNode
Represents a node that is associated with IPivotFieldInfo instance.
Public classGetDescriptionsDataCompletedEventArgs
Provides data for the GetDescriptionsDataAsyncCompleted event.
Public classLocalDataSourceFieldDescriptionsProvider
An IFieldDescriptionProvider for a generic ItemsSource.
Public classLocalFieldDescriptionsProviderBase
A base class for various FieldInfo classes presenting local sources. An implementation of IFieldDescriptionProvider.
Public classPivotFieldInfo
Represents an abstraction of a property info.
Public classPropertyDescriptorFieldInfo
An IPivotFieldInfo that uses PropertyDescriptor to identify a property.
Public classPropertyFieldInfo
Represents an abstraction of a property info that can set and get values.
Public classPropertyInfoFieldInfo
Public interfaceIFieldDescriptionProvider
Handles creation and lookup of IPivotFieldInfo instances.
Public interfaceIFieldInfoData
Interface used to provide IPivotFieldInfo for specific data source.
Public interfaceIFieldInfoExtractor
A IPivotFieldInfos provider.
Public interfaceIPivotFieldInfo
Represents an abstraction of a property info.
Public enumerationContainerNodeRole
An ContainerNode role.
Public enumerationFieldDescriptionProviderState
Public enumerationFieldRoles
Available roles for an IPivotFieldInfo.