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InteractionHelper Methods

The InteractionHelper type exposes the following members.

Public methodAllowMouseEnter
Allows the mouse enter.
Public methodAllowMouseLeave
Allows the mouse leave.
Public methodAllowMouseLeftButtonDown
Allows the mouse left button down.
Public methodAllowMouseLeftButtonUp
Allows the mouse left button up.
Public methodOnApplyTemplateBase
Called when [apply template base].
Public methodOnIsReadOnlyChanged
Called when [is read only changed].
Public methodOnMouseEnterBase
Called when [mouse enter base].
Public methodOnMouseLeaveBase
Called when [mouse leave base].
Public methodOnMouseLeftButtonDownBase
Called when [mouse left button down base].
Public methodOnMouseLeftButtonUpBase
Called when [mouse left button up base].
Public methodUpdateVisualStateBase
Updates the visual state base.
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