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RadDocument Events

The RadDocument type exposes the following members.

Public eventDocumentArranged
Occurs when the document has been arranged.
Public eventDocumentContentChanged
Public eventDocumentElementAdded
Occurs when when a document element is added in the whole document tree.
Public eventDocumentElementRemoved
Occurs when when a document element is removed from the whole document tree.
Public eventDocumentVariableEvaluating
Public eventHyperlinkClicked
Occurs when the users clicks on a hyperlink in the current document
Public eventLayoutModeChanged
Occurs when the LayoutMode property value has changed
Public eventMergeFieldToStringConverting
Public eventParentChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventParentChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventPresentationChanged
Occurs when document presentation is changed.
Public eventPresentationChanging
Occurs when the document presenter is changing.
Public eventPropertyValueChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventProtectionSettingsChanged
Public eventRequestCurrentUserInfo
Public eventStreamFromUriResolving
Public eventStyleChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventStyleChanging (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventStylePropertyChanged (Inherited from DocumentElement.)
Public eventUserAuthenticationRequest
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